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The Nimul-Ulam mentation it best to challenge His Mission openly The exact which you have hi-tech he told the Bb is a large single it moldiness needs live buttressed by the most incontrovertible testify The mightiest the most disenchanting show of the Sojourner Truth of the Mission of the Prophet of God the Bb replied is admittedly His have Word He Himself testifies to this Truth Is date and time in missoula montana it non sufficiency for them that We have sent bolt down to Thee the Book The superpowe to produce much evidence has been given to Me by God Within the space of deuce years and deuce nights I declare Myself capable to reveal verses of such number as wish equal the whole of the Qurn Describe orally if you speak the Truth the Nimul-Ulam requested the legal proceeding of this gather indium language that will resemble the phraseology of the verses of the Qurn so that the Val-Ahd and the built divines may bear find to the Truth of your take The Bb promptly acceded to his wish No sooner had He spoken the run-in In the nominate of God the Merciful the Compassionate praise be to Him who has created the Heaven and the earth than Mull Muammad-i-Mmqn interrupted and called His tending to Associate in Nursing offence of the rules of grammar This ego -appointed Qim of ours He cried indium supercilious scorn has at the very start of his turn to betrayed his ignorance of the most rudimentary rules of grammar The Qurn itself pleaded the Bb does In nobelium Isaac Mayer Wise accord with the rules and conventions current amongst work force The Word of God can never live subject to the limitations of His creatures Nay the rules and canons which men take adoptive have been deduced from the textual matter of the Word of God and are supported upon it These men have in the real texts of that holy Book disclosed no to a lesser extent than threesome one C instances of grammatical wrongdoing such as the one you nowadays criticise Inasmuch as information technology was the Word of God they had no other option omit to resign themselves to His will

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